Bread with character

In the beginning, we questioned everything. Why do we have to do things a certain way? What happens if we do them completely differently? Those who question everything need to come down to earth. In what kind of soil do the grains for our bread grow? This is why only organic will do for us and organic principles are fundamental to everything we do.

The bakery

Where we stand.
Where we knead.
Where we mould.
Where we laugh.
Where we grumble.
Where we stop.

48 hours.
That is how long our organic natural sourdough is allowed to prove, before it is placed in the oven.

Hands, flour, salt, water.

If it were up to us, organic natural sourdough would be on everyone’s lips. Something else is not welcome in our house, more so in our bakery. We believe in the natural gestation period of dough, therefore, one thing is needed more than anything else: time. Time our dough gets to prove.

Staples Öfferl sourdough in a char Staples Öfferl sourdough in a char
Bread with character "Natural and authentic"