Robert de Vino

Serenity is his virtue. A bright disposition, with sunflower seeds and walnuts. Can be good on his own. Just as well in company. A welcome guest. A favourite with wine. Makes you nibble and think. Without getting too serious. An earthy companion who brings joy to the table.

Our Robert de Vino represents 2,3 square metres of biodynamic land

2,3 square metres total cultivation area

1,1 square metres for wheat
0,4 square metres for rye
0,8 square metres for sunflower seeds

Biodynamic cereal crops
Family Harmer
Region Weinviertel


organic wheat flour, organic rye flour, organic sourdough (organic whole-grain rye flour, spring water from Weinviertel, organic whole-grain wheat flour), organic walnuts and organic sunflower seeds (soaked in a water bath), spring water from Weinviertel, rock salt

in biodynamic quality (Demeter)
May contain traces of other ingredients. This is not intentional, of course.


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