Rotraud von Oberkulm

Rotraud von Oberkulm

She is simply special, and we love her for that. Spelt, emmer, honey. Not just any spelt. Not just any emmer. Not just any honey. The treasure of experience rests in her. Her dough demands two days. A time worth waiting for.

Our Rotraud von Oberkulm represents 1,9 square metres of biodynamic land

1,9 square metres total cultivation area

1,5 square metres for spelt
0,4 square metres for Emmer wheat

*The forest honey contained within each of our loaves is produced by 50 bees over the course of one year. In that time, they fly a distance of 4,800 km and visit 300,000 blossoms.

Biodynamic cereal crops
Family Harmer
Region Weinviertel


organic spelt flour, organic sourdough (organic whole-grain spelt flour, spring water from Weinviertel), organic whole-grain flour from emmer, organic forest blossom honey, organic sunflower oil (cold-pressed), spring water from Weinviertel, rock salt

in biodynamic quality (Demeter)
May contain traces of other ingredients. This is not intentional, of course.