Ulrich Urkorn

Ulrich Urkorn

A full-bodied guy. One you would find in a buckwheat field. Dark and complex. He resembles the earth on which his grain grows. He has everything that flavour needs. The sweetness of einkorn and rye. The aroma of caraway and fennel. His opposites attract. Simple and strange at the same time. Earthy and rustic.

Our Ulrich Urkorn represents 2,5 square metres of biodynamic land

2,5 square metres total cultivation area

0.4 square metres for Einkorn wheat
0.5 square metres for perennial rye seed
0.8 square metres for rye
0.4 square metres for spelt
0.4 square metres for seed corn and seeds

Biodynamic ancient cereal crops
Martin Allram
Region Waldviertel


organic spelt flour, organic rye flour, organic sourdough (organic whole-grain flour from einkorn, organic whole-grain flour from wild rye, spring water from Weinviertel), organic whole-grain flour from emmer, organic buckwheat
flour, organic buckwheat mush, organic rye malt, organic flaxseed, organic sunflower seeds, spring water from Weinviertel, rock salt, organic caraway, organic fennel

in biodynamic quality (Demeter)
May contain traces of other ingredients. This is not intentional, of course.