Family + Team

We are a textbook family-run business. Georg, his mum Brigitte and his father Walter as well as his cousins Lukas and Sandra are Öfferl’s living, breathing heart. However, meanwhile we understand family in a broader sense. Within the past years the business has grown – by many wonderful employees.

Mum Brigitte has taken over the bakery in Gaubitsch from her father in 1998. At the time, for sure nobody would have used the word “innovative”. Even though, it would have fit. As an example, every weekend she used to drive with her bread from town square to town square. Today, we would call it a “pop-up bakery”.

The days in Gaubitsch start early. Usually even before sunrise. When you arrive here, oftentimes with tired eyes, you make your way through the bakery and say, well, basically the same to everyone you meet: “Good morning!”

We have appreciated the know-how of our silver line for many years. They acquired this knowledge over many years ­– almost over their entire lives.

Brigitte with Lukas and Georg at the bakery Brigitte with Lukas and Georg at the bakery
Familie Öfferl the hearth of the family business
Von Hand geformte Laibe Handmade loafs
It starts with the soil "Family + Team"