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Wollzeile 31 & Landstraßer Hauptstraße 19

The best organic ingredients for a good morning. 

Wollzeile 31
Bakery: Mon-Sat 8am-19pm | Sun & holidays 8am-4pm
Bistro: Wed-Sat 8am-7pm | Sun & holidays 8am-3pm
Kitchen: Wed-Sat 8am-3pm | Sun & holidays 8am-3pm

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Landstraßer Hauptstraße 19
Bakery: Mon-Fr 7:30am-7pm | Sa 8am - 7pm | Sun & holidays 8am-4pm
Bistro: Wed-Fr 8am-7pm |  Sa 8am - 7pm | Sun & holidays 8am-3pm
Kitchen: Wed-Sat 8am-3pm | Sun & holidays 8am-3pm

Book your table now!

-Book your table up to three hours in advance online
-Each reservation is valid for 2 hours
-If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will offer the table for others.
-Unfortunately we can not accept reservations for the outdoor area
-Reservations for more than 10 people can only be booked by mail (
-Unfortunately dogs are not allowed

Bio Pastrami Sandwich
Oefferl Bistro Frühstück
Öfferl Stückdessert - Zitronentarte
Öfferl Bistro Frühstück

Our Bistro

Anyone who questions everything and thinks things anew requires a large portion of passion, heart and soul. Only then can bread that is more than simply bread be created. They are lent their own character, a strong personality. With corners and sides. They are as versatile as life itself, just like those who create them. All members of our bread dynasty have one thing in common: they are a true wine quarter original and a strong family. This affinity with our homeland and genuine craftsmanship are our claim. For that reason, we only work with the best, most inspiring organic producers and organic products. Together with them, we have the vision of creating authentic products that set new standards when it comes to quality. Because they’re made by hand. Because they take animals and nature into account during manufacture. Because they’re natural and genuine. And because they simply taste better. Bon appetit!