The people, who supply our coffee beans, live in Latin America and Africa. That is pretty far away. And yet, we are quite close to them. Closeness, we think, is not based on a shared postal code. Rather, on a shared world view. In this case that means: a love for coffee, accuracy and a focus on the environment and healthy soil.

In order to roast these coffee beans we have taken our time. Quite a lot of time. However, how much is a lot? Even more, when you think about how much time our partners spend planting and tending to the coffee trees Now, can you imagine asking yourself, how much time you will take to drink this coffee?

Hausgerösteter Kaffee von Öfferl Direct trade
To Go Becher mittel Öfferl To Go Mug
100% Arabica from Alex Keller 100% Arabica from Alex Keller

Bread or Coffee? Honestly, we cannot tell which we love more. We do not even want to distinguish. It is a little bit as if both were our children. We attend to coffee and bread with equal passion and devotion. From the selection of our partners in Latin America and Africa, to our own roastery in Gaubitsch to the perfect milk foam on top of your Cappuccino.

Öfferl Coffee Roastery in Gaubitsch Coffee Roastery in Gaubitsch
Home roasted beans by Öfferl Home roasted beans
Cappuccino to go by Öfferl Cappuccino to go
Hausgerösteter Kaffee von Öfferl Coffee | Filter | Guatemala
Hausgerösteter Kaffee von Öfferl A1 Alex Keller Alex Keller | Filter | Guatemala
Hausgerösteter Kaffee von Öfferl E1 Einzeln Eric Wright | Espresso | Ruanda
It starts with the soil "Coffee"