square metres 
of soil

Those who ask questions have their feet firmly on the ground. In what kind of soil do the crops for our bread grow? We believe that producing authentic, natural products starts with the ground from which they originate. That’s why only organic will do for us and is fundamental to everything we do.





Together with you and our partners we are safeguarding on average two square metres of biodynamic soil for the next generation with every single loaf of our bread.


Our vision is to set new standards with the quality of our bread. That includes working with our grain suppliers and trying out both new and more ancient methods. For instance our farmers are reviving special, almost forgotten, grain varieties with a great deal of dedication, patience and passion. These crops are kinder to the soil, more robust while growing, and their thicker husks provide many more nutrients.


Thomas Oehlinger and Maria Harmer | Biodynamic Cereal Crops | Alt-Prerau | Region Weinviertel


Martin Allram | Biodynamic Ancient Cereal Crops | Dietmannsdorf | Region Waldviertel


On 18 and 19 June, we showcased our different grain varieties at various popular locations in Vienna: at the entrance to the Museum Quarter, on Mariahilfer Strasse, Wollzeile and Bognergasse. Passers-by were able to do much more than look at grain fields. They could experience them with all their senses and grasp the idea that bread does not just come out of the bakery, but starts in the soil where the grain, from which it is made, grows.





We advertised our Two Square Metres of Soil action mostly via social media. Numerous images and three short videos were made to document our route from the field via the various stops to No. 31 Wollzeile.