Rainer Roggen from Öfferl

Rainer Roggen

This may sound trite. But Rainer is someone who knows exactly what he wants. And that is rye. The flour, the dough, the flakes, everything about him is rye. He makes it clear that no other grain gets into his fine-pored crumb. Just a
little grape juice is added to the mix. And gives the earthy relationship its sweetness.

Our Rainer Roggen represents 2,1 square metres of biodynamic land

2,1 square metres total cultivation area

1,4 square metres for rye
0,7 square metres for perennial rye seed

Biodynamic cereal crops
Family Harmer
Region Weinviertel


organic rye wheat, organic sourdough (organic wheat flour, spring water from Weinviertel), organic perennial rye flakes, spring water from Weinviertel, naturally cloudy organic grape juice, rock salt

in biodynamic quality (Demeter)
May contain traces of other ingredients. This is not intentional, of course.